AirOne NFT

Purchasing an AirOne NFT automatically gets you into the Presale for our coin launch in Jan 2022 & all Presale holders share 5% stake in the company! The Future of Funding and Investing is one click away. Get yours before its too late!


Innovate the Future




Why Buy an AirOne NFT?

First and foremost, you'll support our company's goal to create a safer world using the most up-to-date technology. Secondly, you'll gain exclusive access to our presale coin launch in January 2022 and share 5% stake in our company!

How do I get my presale tokens?

Once you have purchased your AirOne NFT, the wallets address you’ve used to purchase the NFT will be all you’ll need! After all of our AirOne NFT’s sell out, this page will be for presale owners to connect their wallet and add presale value, so please keep up with our twitter as we’ll post updates on when you can add to presale or periodically check this page for updates.

What are the perks to getting in Presale?

First, you get in at the lowest value of the coin, and as we grow, so do you! Secondly, all Presale holders share 5% stake in the company! Shall we say more..

How will i know when AirOnes coin will launch?

Our estimated launch date is in January 2022 but we will launch the coin once all presale sells out! Please follow our Twitter @AirOneDrones, as we will count down the days until we launch. We'll also provide updates on our website so that you won't miss out. 

Do you guys have a Discord?

No, we don't. While we love Discord, we want to focus our efforts and attention on creating the best possible product instead of using resources to moderate and attend to Discord. For the most up-to-date information and conversations, please follow us on Twitter @AirOneDrones.

Why use Cryptocurrency?

We see crypto as the future of banking, funding, and trading on a universal platform. This is just the beginning.

Why not seek Traditional Funding?

Running and operating our own NFT and coin fulfills our series A funding without giving up any equity in our company. We did this so that our intended path and vision would not become disrupted by outside shareholders. Plus, it provides early AirOne NFT and coin adopters to see

substantial growth as we grow! 

Where is AirOne based?

AirOne is based on the west coast of the United States.

What does the future look like for AirOne coin?

We see the future of AirOne full of longevity with consistent growth. We intend to release product updates and videos leading up to our full commercial-grade product release, which is scheduled for Q3 of 2022! We're excited about the road ahead of us.

Is there any other way to get into Presale?

No, the presale is ONLY exclusively for those that purchased an early adopter AirOne NFT.

Can i sell my presale ticket to someone else?

Technically yes, BUT we wouldn't suggest it as presale tokens get distributed only to the initial purchaser's wallet.

“If you aint first, you're last” - Ricky Bobby